1. What is I Ride?

    • I Ride is the public transportation service of the Isabella County Transportation Commission. I Ride is a shared ride program with both curb to curb and routed bus services.

  2. How does a shared ride program work?

    • We coordinate tours of ride requests in similar areas going the same direction. We make decisions on a variety of factors including priority, time constraints, and capacity. As a priority based service, the sooner you call, the higher the priority your reservation receives.

  3. Where can I go with I Ride?

    • Anywhere in Isabella County. We also transfer with Clare, Mecosta, and Midland County transit providers. Service outside of Union Township isĀ at set times. It is also important to note that when you have an appointment to let our Call Center Operators know so they can advise you when you should be watching for your bus.

  4. How much does it cost?

    • A regular fare is $2, youth fare is $1.50, senior/ disabled fare is $1.00, and anyone 80+ rides fare free as does anyone under five (under five is only free with a paying adult going to the same destination) ** Traveling outside of Isabella County is a double fare.

  5. How do I use I Ride?

    • You simply call our ride line 989-772-9441 and our Call Center Operators will reserve your ride anywhere in Isabella County. We ask that you remember we are a shared ride program and to plan accordingly. If you no longer need the bus you have scheduled please call and cancel. Failure to do so may result in a no show charge equivalent to the fare you would have paid. You can learn more about our service at ictcbus.com, or call 989-772-2913.