Ride Buddy Volunteer


General Summary:

As a volunteer for the Ride Buddy program, we ask that you be an extra set of eyes for us while on the bus. You will have a schedule with us that we will match with a school route. You will be given a name tag, I-Ride pack, and a seating chart (if applicable). You will be expected to assist the driver in getting the children to their seat and buckled. You will then watch the children while the bus is in motion. You will make sure they stay seated and reasonably quiet. You will interact with the children in a way that makes them feel safe during their travels, and assures parents that they are being looked after on public transit. The driver may ask you to record pertinent information.

Essential Job Requirements:

  • Must submit to and successfully complete a background check.
  • Must be prompt and have good attendance.
  • Must possess good public relations skills.
  • Must notify dispatch as soon as possible when not able to make scheduled rides.
    • (989) 772 9441

Specific Physical Job Functions

  • Sitting- for prolonged periods of time while the vehicle is in operation.
  • Standing/ Walking- must be able to attend to the needs of the passengers, usually to assist in boarding/ de-boarding.
  • Talking/ hearing/ seeing- senses must be used to respond and keep the passengers seated and safe.

Desired Skills

  • Experience interacting with children.
  • Experience interacting with the physically/ mentally disabled.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  • Help children board the bus.
  • Assist with seat belts. We strongly recommend all passengers utilize the seat belts.
    • Senior citizen, mentally disabled, and physically handicapped passengers may be incorporated into school tours. We ask that you assist them with their seat belts as well. They may also require help with their fare. (Getting fare out for the driver and then putting it away)
  • We ask that you sit directly behind school children between them and the general public.
  • Make children feel safe on the bus.
  • Keep children reasonably quiet while the bus is in motion.

Please note that as a Ride Buddy, we do not permit food or drink on the bus. You may have a capped water, but we ask you not to drink it while the bus is in motion, or in front of passengers. You must also notify a driver if you need a break or a rest room visit through the course of a tour.

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